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Ringo: Music Bingo

"having fun with music since 2006"


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Carlsberg don't do music-intro/comedy based games, but if they did it wouldn't be as good as... RINGO: MUSIC BINGO

Dust off those air drums, warm up those funny bones, and get your pun moans warmed up - Ronan returns to Castlepalooza after a great set of gigs last year!

A hit at music festivals, pubs, staff parties and even weddings, it's Ringo: Music Bingo.

Ronan plays the intros to well known songs, if that band is on your sheet you cross them off (it's a game, not a quiz, he gives you the answer via comedy clues) first to fill the sheet wins prizes!

Ringo: Music Bingo, it won't change your life but it will make your day

Just sit back, enjoy a drink, tick the sheet and win prizes